EQOL Journal (2017) 9(1): 37- 41
Contemporary Sports Product and Making a Brand
Stevo Popovic1
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branding is not at the expectable level in
Montenegro, and working on recognizing
The objective of this study represents the sports
Montenegrin contemporary sports product and
branding, while the main goal will be directional to
making a brand must be more prominent
explaining the contemporary sports product and
making a brand. The main tasks of this study are,
the first discussing the sports branding nowadays
and newly created sports products as well as
Keywords advertising sport branding
drawing attention to the specific nature of the
branding of sports products as a separate field of
branding in general. During making of this study,
the authors used descriptive method with consulting
of competent literature. The previous authors’
Modern sports product, according to Kotler (2000),
experience in this field was also so useful.
represents, above all, everything what can meet the
Moreover, the author used the analytic method and
needs and demand of the market, but we also offer
parallel method that is the most productive if you
the market for attention, acquisition, use, and use
make some inferences about some appearance.
of, while, according to the same author, sports
From the reason sport branding did not develop
products can be physical objects, then services,
separately, it is the fact that it represents an integral
people, places, organizations, and ideas (Bjelica,
part of the overall branding procedure; however,
Gardasevic, Vasiljevic, & Popovic, 2015; Bjelica
sport branding has some specialty in relation to
& Popovic, 2016). Unusual nature of the sport
other areas, mostly due to the reason, sport industry
increasingly separates the “industry of sports” from
has much more unpredictable nature than most of
traditional industry, and the attraction of sports
other industries. This study made general
products, thus becoming a unique challenge for
retrospection of common characteristics and
most marketers. They, when advertising sports
differences among sports branding and branding in
products promote, generally three essential
general that might be relevant for many researchers
elements, primarily a competition between two
in this area. Sports branding is developing rapidly
sports entity which is manifested on the ground
around the world, the dominant example of this
such as, in this particular example the widely
development is most evident in the
famous football encounters between players of Red
industry” in the United States. However, the sport
Star and Partizan, Inter and Milan, and similar
rivals, then a pleasant feeling that consumers can
get while using sports products such as, in this
particular example, ticket sales for the final
encounter “Davis Cup” between Serbia and France
University of Montenegro, Faculty for Sport and
and promoting a sense of belonging to the State
Physical Education, Montenegro
which will be the champion of the world in tennis,
but also certain benefits that are obtained during the
use of the recreational products such as, in this
particular example the advertising messages that
EQOL Journal (2017) 9(1): 37-41
promote athletic prop who facilitates potential
already referred to, and the perception of the
consumers daily morning exercise (Kokovic, 2004).
consumer becomes variable, and it is worth to point
Although the competition between the two sports
out that this is precisely the main reason marketers are
subject is largely outside the control of the marketers,
choosing different strategies of advertising which,
since they cannot affect the developments that are
depending on the above mentioned changes,
taking place on the ground, a pleasant feeling that
communicate with customers and persuade them to
consumers can get while using sports products and
opt for shopping, just their products.
certain benefits that are obtained during the use of the
The last feature of sports products presents their
same are located, exclusively under the control of the
transience that is reflected in the fact that the sports
marketers and, for this reason represent an area in
products are used at the same time when both were
which the foundations of their advertising activities
produced, so that they do not have its expiry date and
cannot be stored as products that appear in traditional
industries. Their transience is of invaluable
Contemporary Sports Product
importance for sports entities, since this characteristic
of sports products efficiently affects the consumer's
Modern sports products, according to leading world
experience and, in this particular example is very
authors, when it comes to sports marketing such as
important that consumers do not carry the bad
Mullin, Hardy, Sutton, Pitts and Stotlar, have become
experience with certain football games, because, in
an unusual challenge for marketers, precisely because
this case a very difficult to return to the same place
of its atypical characteristics such as, above all, of
and, by disable marketers to link the interests of
diversity and transience (Pedersen, 2007).
donors of advertising with them.
Impalpability of sports products is reflected in the
In addition to the already mentioned, there are still
fact that consumers are not able to assess the quality
a number of differences between the recreational
of the product unless they buy it, that is the particular
products and products from traditional industries.
example worth noting that there is always a certain
First of all, it is evident that the sports products differ
amount of uncertainty when you go to a basketball
in the fact that demand for them is very hesitant, well,
game that Podgorica “Future” game “Adriatic League
often going on to one and the same sports product
NLB”, since no one can answer in advance whether
government interest in one period, while in the next
the game will fulfill the expectations of the audience
period that interest is becoming almost meaningless.
or not. This example is directly linked with the
Another difference that should be mentioned is
following feature sports products, which is reflected
reflected in the fact that the sports products, mainly
in utilization, whereas sports product is used at the
used in public and, consequently, the consumer
same time and distribute, and consumers must attend
satisfaction under great influence of different social
the sports event in order to be able to judge its quality.
effects. Thus, often, subjective feelings that occur at
Simultaneity of is not a feature that applies to
the consumer during use of the recreational products
products in the traditional industries, already
are dependent on and of other pleasures that are not
characterized, exclusively manufactured in the
directly related with sports product, so it is very
“industry of sport” where enables sports entities to
difficult to determine an adequate level of pleasure
through, but the appeal of the sport to find a link
that sports products cause to consumers. However, in
between commercial providers and consumers.
traditional industries, the pleasure caused by using
Diversity, the following characteristics are
products far less impact on the sentiment of
reflected in the fact that the sports products are
consumers, so that there is not enough space for social
constantly changing and that is reflected on the
influences such as the case with sports products.
observation of consumers that is, therefore, also
Unlike products in traditional
subject to changes over time. There are many factors
inconsistency and unpredictability of sports products
that make a variety of sports products such as, for
are acceptable categories, even these characteristics
example, injuries to players, then adverse weather
of sports products, just those that attract a large
conditions, particularly in situations where specific
number of potential consumers since it represents a
sports activities held in open spaces, attractive
central role in ensuring the pleasant feelings related
structure of the sports facilities, sports performance,
to sporting events.
but a number of other similar factors in different
Out of all the above-mentioned when sports
situations could change sports products. Along with
products in question, it is clear that organizations that
the changes that occur when the sports products,
EQOL Journal (2017) 9(1): 37-41
are oriented toward advertising in sports must, in
thing is to be different from the competition and
addition to worries about the sport product, take into
create something that consumers will want to gift
account and on the motives of consumers who will
their confidence. All in all, the brand is a protected
buy their product. However, when the usage of one of
brand that has its own identity is expressed in the title,
the same product is the individual thing, it should be
slogan that accompanies it, design a solution and an
emphasized that consumers opt to buy products for a
advertising strategy and, consequently, the brand
variety of reasons, and these reasons can vary
guarantees a certain quality, as well as the emotions
significantly. Therefore, marketers must focus their
that occur during use of the product.
strategies on consumer satisfaction and on their
The decisive moment when the emergence of the
identification with sports subject, as consumers opt to
contemporary brand, occurred when the Philip Morris
buy certain products, solely from the desire to satisfy
decided to buy an organization for the production of
their needs, so products must serve some purpose for
food and beverages “Kraft” to 12.9 billion US dollars
consumers and must offer them a certain advantage
(Popovic, 2011), which represented six times more
so they decide to buy them. The decision of
value than this organization, really worth at that point.
consumers to buy certain products is affected by a
Philip Morris in that moment knew why pay such
number of factors that will be processed in more
higher price, and today we all know that the
detail in the next section, whereas marketers bound to
difference in price to cover the cost of purchasing
better familiarize themselves with the behavior of
protective name
“Kraft” and this business move
consumers in order to be able to follow the modern
represented a
spectacular innovation in the
trends and devise the most effective advertising
commercial world, because from this moment on
advertising activities have become much more than
just a sales strategy, they started to represent an
Making a Brand
investment in a firm and powerful brand. Most
authors agree with the idea that the contemporary
In formulating effective advertising campaigns,
brand created side-by-side with the specified business
marketers should develop an adequate strategy that
move Philip Morris, but there are also those that bind
would allow sports entities to generate through
appearance of brand to the prehistory and the painted
advertising brand or strengthen an already created.
drawings in the caves, as well as those who feel that
However, before proceed with these activities
the brand originates from the period in which it was
marketers must be clear with what is the brand.
ruled by the Egyptian Pharaohs and appeared side-by-
side with the advent of the hieroglyphics. Either way,
Given that the brand is a term that does not date
one thing is certain, of course, the brand used in the
back to the distant past, contemporary authors have
modern age is not only attributed to certain
yet to fully agree when his definition of it, therefore,
characteristics of the quality of a particular product,
can meet different definitions in the current literature.
but is also a means of marketers manage to awaken
However, the most commonly used definition
emotions with consumers.
belongs to Aaker (1991), which is defined by brand
name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that
Creation of the brand is the process by which
identifies one product organization and distinguishes
organizations are able to differentiate its products
it from other organizations. However, there are a
from competitors by developing and cultivate a
number of definitions of this notion very present in
specific picture of your product, while consumers, on
the lives of modern consumers. Among other things,
the other hand, enjoy using products that bear the
according to Schultz and Barnes (1999), the brand is
name of a specific organization that is recognizable to
more than a name, term, sign, symbol or any other
the public. In today's world, it's very easy to notice a
characteristics, he represents the relationship between
large number of successful brands, and most of them
the consumer and the brand. This relationship is not
are directly related to the sport, since distinctive
only important for the organization, but he has special
sports entities are, just those subjects who can most
meaning for consumers which helps to occupy the
effectively develop and nurture a specific picture of a
place in society. While, according to Jobber (2004),
specific product. In this particular example, it
the creation of the brand is the process by which
certainly should first sort out the former basketball
organizations are able to differentiate your products
players Michael Jordan which one of their names
from the competition. With regard to the modern
created so many recognizable brand that both
markets can buy a large number of similar products,
organizations for the production of sports equipment
according to the same author, the most important
used his name for certain products in its advertising
EQOL Journal (2017) 9(1): 37-41
campaigns. In recent times, the name of the famous
their decision on whether to watch the sport on
Portuguese football player, Cristiano Ronaldo is so
television or attend a sporting event. Similarly,
recognizable brand that many organizations that
certain attitudes towards a particular organization for
produce how sports and non-sports products, race
the production of sports equipment will significantly
would not convince this young man to promote their
impact on their decision to buy a product, the
manufacturer's instructions.
It's worth to note and that marketers should respect
while creating brand associations that consumers
have to specific organizations, whereas brand stands
for all that what consumers think when they hear the
Still, at the end of this paper, in which the author tried
name of a specific organization, such as, first and
to draw attention to contemporary sports product and
foremost, then quality control, attitude towards the
environment, service offered to consumers, as well as
making a brand, there appears the huge question how
to apply this enormous knowledge ideally into the
any news which is transmitted to the public
practice, but in parallel to contemporary market rules
(Muratovic, Bjelica, & Popovic, 2014). Keller (1998)
that are so turbulent and always changed. Anyway,
was able to isolate three types of key associations that
author tried to open this topic and allow all of ones
consumers have for a particular brand, first of all
who have the answer on this question to give an
these are attributes that consumers recognize, then the
answer and develop this growing area as well as to
benefits that they get from products and attitudes that
improve the “industry of sport” at large.
consumers have towards products. According to the
same author, attributes are the attributes of a product
that is characterized by a specific product and relate
to what consumers really think the product is and
Aaker, D.A. (1991). Managing brand equity: capitalizing
what it is to what is consumer is included when
on the value of a brand name. New York City, NY: The
buying a particular product. In this particular
Free Press.
example, the attributes may be characteristics of a
Bjelica, D., Gardasevic, J., Vasiljevic, I., & Popovic, S.
new sports facility, features a new model of the soccer
(2016). Ethical Dilemmas of Sport Advertising. Sport
footwear, etc. When talking about the benefits that
Mont, 14(3), 41-43.
consumers get from the product, they are personal
Bjelica, D., & Popovic, S. (2015). Evolution of Advertising
values and refer to the benefits that consumers can
with a Specific Retrospection at Sport Advertising (in
have attributes that are not posted. Therefore, use all
Montenegrin). Sport Mont, 43,44,45/XIII, 35-41.
represent what meets the consumer's motivation for
Jobber, D. (2004). Principles and practice of marketing.
buying. In this particular example, it is common that
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consumers buy yearly tickets so they can track their
building, measuring and managing brand equity.
favorite team with specific uses. However, these uses
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vary from consumer to consumer, whereas one owner
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per year cards wants to watch every game from the
Sad: Faculty of Bussiness in Service.
same place, while others owned by maps a year wants
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to get the benefit in the form of no special parking
Prentice Hall.
spaces at the stadium, and it happens that the third
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owners of a map, simply want to sit with certain
Examining beliefs and attitudes toward advertising
people and enjoy their company. The last association
through sport among Montenegrin consumers. Facta
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is represented by attitudes that consumers have for
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products, and they are, according to Keller (1998),
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abstract so that it is very difficult to measure.
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Attitudes of consumers significantly influence the
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brand rating. On the specific example of the attitude
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EQOL Journal (2017) 9(1): 37-41
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